One of the interesting items I observed is

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One of the interesting items I observed is

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One of the D2R Items interesting items I observed is how the Stronghold System works. What impact does this have on the perception of place? Because it seems like you liberate areas almost, then how does that contribute to the story you're telling?

Shely: So the strongholds form a crucial part of the world. We really wanted players to be able to influence the world as well as for actions to impact what's happening within the world of Sanctuary. If you find these strongholds you will find many of them scattered across the various areas.

There'll be others that have been overrun with monsters. By clearing them out it will be possible to bring them back to a secure location for Sanctuary. Characters that aren't players will appear and you'll have the chance to complete side quests. Other dungeons could be unveiled as a result while the strongholds stay transformed as a result of the actions you take on your character throughout.

Fergusson: It's interesting. When you're playing, the strongholds are in RPG terms, situations where the game is essentially private. When you go to a strongholdand you are attempting to clear one, it's considered a private moment. Therefore, you enter with your friends and then go and fight. When you have won that fight, the space transforms into a gathering space.

Then it's the same as Joe mentioned earlier, it could be an entire town, it could be a dungeon, it could be a brand new location to teleport to--but now the others can be the same place. And so that idea of sifting through and finding those private strongholds you flip into social spaces that provide you benefit to assist you in your journey--new gear as well as a loop around the dungeon, these kinds of things -- is buy D2R Ladder Items a great approach to alter your world in the course of playing.